A Hunting We Will Go

Modern day controversy aside, there's still no more iconic image of the English Gentleman than those like the one shown above - dressed in "pinks" and ready to join the fox hunt or to go riding to hounds. The Duke of Wellington did it, though he wore a light blue jacket, and the present Duke of Rutland is known for his Belvoir Hunt. But what, in this day and age, is the actual cost of kitting oneself out for the hunt?

 Plain cream silk stock - £35.00

Frock style hungting coat  £430.00

Bespoke moleskin breeches £165.00

Bespoke hunting cap £275.00

Hunting whip £45.00

Silver hunting horn £698.00      

Hunting boots approximately £450.00

               Saddle approximately £1,000.00

A decent mount approximately £5,000.00

Total approximate cost - £8,098.00

Or $12,944.37, excluding shirt, gloves, socks, bridle, spurs, hounds, rifle or flask