Saying goodbye to Jo Manning after our lunch at the Duke of Wellington pub, Diane and I walked down the Strand to Somerset House, where we walked out to the terrace at the back and gazed for a while upon the Thames. 

Leaving Somerset House, Diane and I undertook another aimless walk round 
London - our favourite activity. 

"What's that church up ahead?" Diane asked after a while.

I looked at the church as we approached. "No idea."

"No idea?" she asked, sounding surprised.

"Nope. Afraid not. I really don't know this part of London like the back of my hand, as I dare say I do in Mayfair and the West End. This is all pretty much virgin territory for me, except for Twinings. I know where Twinings is. But I do know how we can figure out what church this is."


"We'll read the sign."

After stopping in to Twinings to buy copious amount of Lapsang Souchong tea, we 
headed towards St. Paul's Cathedral. 

In case there was any doubt, our main reason for visiting St. Paul's was to pay our 
respects to the Duke of Wellington, but we took the time to visit most of the other war 
graves, as well.

Once we'd had our fill, we once more headed outside into the breach and soon found 
ourselves before the Cockpit Tavern in Blackfriars. 

"Where are we?" asked Diane.

"Well, as luck would have it, we're at the Cockpit. Let's have a drink."

"Okay, but where are we?"

"We're in London. More than that I can't tell you."

"You mean you don't know where we are?"

"We're in London and the River is that way. I kinda know where we are. Ish. I do know that the bar has to be this way," I said, pulling her after me through the front door. 

Not only did the Cockpit have liquor, they also had a sense of humour. 

Once again, a good time was had by all. 

Part Three Coming Soon!

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