When last we met, I was sitting in the Duke of Wellington Pub (affectionately known as the Duke of Boots) just off of Sloane Square, nursing my rum and coke after the Nigel Havers debacle (Nigel Havers!) Unfortunately, I had to leave the pub sometime, so Diane and I got a cab and prepared to head back across town to the theatre district, as we had tickets for a play this evening. 

Once inside the cab, we saw . . . . well, why tell you what we saw when I can show you?

Buckingham Palace, above and below.

Palace above, Victoria Memorial below.

The Mall, above, and the Duke of York column, below. 

Driving along the Embankment, above and below.

Heading towards Admiralty Arch with traffic at a crawl, above and below.

Through the Arch. Waiting to enter Trafalgar Square. 

Inching towards Trafalgar Square. Lucky if three cars get through on each light change. 

Red light again . . . . . Drummonds Bank, below.

Still in Trafalgar Square . . . . 

Yup. Still here. Oh, look, a lion!

Still crawling through the Square.

More lions . . . . honestly, we just should have gotten out and walked.

And we're through! Finally. . . . frankly, I'm exhausted just reliving that drive. I'll have to wait till the next installment in order to tell you which play we saw. 

I'll give you a hint - Nigel Havers wasn't in it. 

Part Five Coming Soon!

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