Diane and I began Day 3 with a cab ride to Sloane Square, where we met authors Louise Allen/Melanie Hilton and Beth Elliot for a visit to the Chelsea Physick Gardens. As some of you may know, Beth writes Regency romance and Louise writes Regencies, as well as several non-fiction books, including Walks Through Regency London and To The Field of Waterloo: The First Battlefield Tourists. I had mentioned to Melanie that I wanted to pop in to the Royal Chelsea Hospital in the hopes of visiting the site that once held Ranelagh Gardens, above. Melanie came prepared with research notes and a map and off we set - 

The four of us headed out of Sloane Square and down the King's Road. 

It was fairly slow going, as we were chatting and stopping to take in 
architectural details along the way. 

Unfortunately, once we'd gotten to the Hospital, we discovered that the Ranelagh Gardens site was inaccessible, as the site was being prepared to host the Royal Chelsea Flower Show, opening in a few days time. Beth, Melanie and I decided instead to visit the Hospital's Museum, while Diane was otherwise occupied, below. 

We found this portrait of the Duke of Wellington in the entrance hall, 
along with French Eagles, such as the one below. 

Back outside, we stopped for a photo before heading to the Physick Garden:
Left to right: Beth, Melanie and Diane. 

Part Two Coming Soon!

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