One of the silliest things I did on the tour was to take selfies with Diane Perkins and/or Denise Costello. Admittedly, they are not up to Kardashian caliber, but they were a lot of fun to take. Here, for your enjoyment, are a few of our faves.

At the Palace with Diane

With the Duke of Wellington at the Duke of Wellington Pub

At the Grenadier Pub with Denise and Diane

Diane and Kristine at Apsley House

Smiling at Stratfield Saye

At Copenhagen's Grave, Stratfield Saye

On the Coach

At Windsor Castle

Denise and Kristine at Walmer Castle

Walmer Castle

Diane and I had so much fun taking selfies in England that we've decided to go back for another round in May. For better or for worse, prepare yourself for selfies from London, Derbyshire and Brighton as we head over to plan the next three tours we'll be offering. Stay tuned for dates and details coming soon!