Warwick Castle

From the Journal of Mrs. Arbuthnot, November 8, 1823

      We returned home on the 4th to receive the Duke of Wellington, who staid with us till the 7th, yesterday, when we came to Warwick Castle to a ball given last night by Lady W. It was very magnificent. The old Towers were lighted up, but unfortunately there was such a fog it was hardly visible. We have spent the morning in walking round the walls and shewing the Castle to the Duke, who has never been here before. It is quite provoking to see the little interest the owners of this fine old relique of Baronial splendour and power take in it. The Castle is full of fine old family pictures, and they don't know one of them; they scarcely know their way about the walls; and Lord Warwick, instead of shewing it to the Duke, told Mr. Arbuthnot he should wait till every body was gone out and then go and poke about by himself!

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