Upon arrival in Windsor, our tour group will be checking in to the Mercure Windsor Castle Hotel, where Hubby and I stayed two years ago. The hotel looks out upon Windsor Castle, the rooms are gorgeous, the bar is lined with windows and is supremely atmospheric and there's a portrait of the Duke of Wellington just off the lobby. What could be more perfect? As regular readers of this blog will know, Windsor will always mean our dear friend Hester Davenport for myself and Victoria. Windsor is a wonderful town - just the right size, full of history - even Hubby loved it during our tour to England two Decembers ago. Here is a lovely, four minute video featuring highlights in Windsor.

Windsor is filled with great sights, including the Guildhall and Crooked House above, Peascod Street, the playing fields of Eton and the River Thames, upon which we'll be ending our tour of Windsor with a boat cruise on the River.

Watch scenes from a river cruise here.

We shall also be touring Frogmore House, above, which has been used a royal retreat for three hundred years. You can watch a short video of the Prince of Wales and the royal librarian discussing artistic contributions to Frogmore House made by the daughters of King George III here. You can visit the official website for Frogmore House here and read about it's history and collections.

And finally, you can watch a short video of the sort of pomp and circumstance Windsor does so well. This is the procession for the Irish State Visit, but there's a regular changing of the guard that we may be fortunate enough to see whilst we're there.

Find Complete Details for the Duke of Wellington Tour here. 

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