The Pet Cemetery at Oatlands Park

In an effort to get to the bottom of the indecipherable tablets I saw on the graves in the Duchess of York's pet cemetery at Oatland's Park, I've been going through my old notes and found a magazine article from the late 1800's that gives a fairly detailed report of the place. No wonder I thought I'd seen proper headstones on the graves - they are pictured in this same article from The Ludgate Monthly from 1897. I was not imagining things. The photo above shows what the pet cemetery looks like today. Follow this link for pictures of the original markers and the full story.

Question 1: I'd wager anything that there is not a single bone beneath any of these markers. If the graves have been moved from their original location and the headstones replaced, if in short nothing remains of the original cemetery, why go to the effort of erecting a poor facsimile of the cemetery and saying that it still exists?

Question 2: Why does this deception bother me so much?

Question 3: What's worse than finding out there's no Easter Bunny?