Let's Play Telephone

We're putting a new twist on the old game of "Telephone." Instead of seeing how garbled a message becomes as it's passed from ear to ear, we challenge you to create the message. Just think how the availability of the telephone could have changed lives - and history.

Enter our contest by creating a historical telephone call - it can be one sided or two, it can be funny, filled with pathos, earth shattering or just plain amusing. Place your entry by leaving it in the comment section below. Limit is 3 entries per person, each no more than 500 words. The contest is open for one week - until January 26th. On the 27th we'll announce the winner, who will receive books (fiction and non), recent issues of Country Life Magazine and a Country Life wall calendar.

In order to get the ball rolling, here's my own (ineligible) entry - a conversation between Wellington and Blucher:

"Hello? Hello? Blucher? It's Wellington . . . I say, it's the Duke of Wellington . . . I know there's a lot of background noise on my end, old man, but I'm afraid that can't be helped. Listen, where are you? What? I beg your pardon, I had my face buried in Copenhagen's neck when I ducked just then. Can you hear me now? Where are you? Oh, for God's sake man, turn on your GPS! . . . . . that's the ticket. And Blucher? . . . . . Hurry!

Please Note: Only registered followers of this blog shall be eligible to win. You may register now by using the link in the right sidebar under "Those Who Call Number One London Home."