Curiosity Corner - We Have a Winner!

What is it!?

A George IV sterling wine funnel, made by Joseph Angell London 1826.

I'm pleased as punch to announce that Louisa Cornell, one of our most loyal followers, made to correct guess below. While it's noted as a wine funnel, rather than a strainer, Louisa's guess is close enough for us. Here's Louisa's answer:

Is it a strainer of some sort? In looking at some old photos of my Mom's china cabinet it looks like a piece my mother bought at an estate sale in England. She uses it to strain her tea as she makes it from the real thing - tea leaves, not tea bags. According to Judith Banister's English Silver it might also be a wine strainer? Not sure I want to drink wine I have to strain. Tea is another matter altogether.

See I told you it would make me nuts. 

Louisa - You're not nuts - you're the winner! Email your snail mail address to me via the link in the left sidebar and I'll send your Sense and Sensibility dvd on its way to you. Thanks to everyone for such enthusiastic guessing! 

And as I'd alluded to, Kat was the first winner, but disqualified herself. Here, at last, is her post received yesterday which couldn't be aired, as it contained the answer:

It is a wine aerator/funnel. I make my own wine as a hobby. So i will not claim this prize.

The first person to correctly identify this item will win a DVD of the Emma Thompson version of Sense and Sensibility. Please place your guess by using the "comments" link below this post.

Please Note: Only registered followers of this blog shall be eligible to win. You may register now by using the link in the right sidebar under "Those Who Call Number One London Home."

Good Luck!