In the Enemy Camp, June 19, 2010

As we covered the battles leading up to Waterloo (Quatre Bras, Ligny), we eventually came to Le Caillou, where Napoleon slept the night before the battle.

This is how it usually looked, but on the weekend of the 195th anniversary of the defeat of Napoleon, the museum here and the grounds were chock-a-block with French reenactors for the Sunday battle.  They seemed amazingly upbeat though the outcome had been known for almost two centuries.

Some examples of rather sloppy marching.

Now they've got it!

That's Napoleon in the gray.


I suppose this poor steed had to bear Napoleon into retreat.

Poor old Field Marshal Ney, above and below, tried his darndest and for his efforts, he was shot for treason by the French after Napoleon was sent to St Helena. But he had a very fancy uniform.

Actually there were quite a few fancy uniforms among the French forces.

Inside the museum, a mannequin stood watch over the bed in which Napoleon supposedly slept the night before Waterloo.

Outside the French attempted to uphold their reputation for exceptional cuisine.

The soldier does not seem to appreciate the lady's cooking!


Look smart, boys.

Above a few civilians who were at the French encampment.  When I suggested to the mademoiselles they looked like characters from Jane Austen's novels, they were aghast.  "Oh, non, non," they exclaimed.
Tres amusant!

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